Social theatre app

If people decide they want to do something fun with their friends tonight they probably think about going to a bar or the cinema, but not about going to a theatre right away. People often think they have to buy tickets early and while that might be the case for big productions a lot of productions are not sold-out on the day itself.

As a school project, two students and I created an app that would solve these problems:

  • It’s not easy enough to buy tickets last-minute
  • Smaller theatre productions are often not sold-out
  • People often only go to the theatre in their home town

Podiagenda is a social app that allows people to easily plan theatre visits with friends, family or colleagues. They can browse a list of upcoming productions, see their ratings and share them in a group of people inside the app. In a group everyone can let each other know if they’re available to go and if so, tickets can be bought in the app. It’s an all-in-one solution for planning theatre visits.

We did research, created wireframes, tested them and turned them into a hi-fi prototype. I also created a logo for our app.


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